Thursday, August 28, 2008

Live painting at Sunset Junction 2008 with Metromix

Ahhh Sunset Junction. My first time attending. It's a street fair with booze and music in hollywood/silverlake, and it's HOT, so you can imagine the atmosphere. Lots of girls showing their new hip dresses, lots of men showing their hairy chests. Food and art everywhere. Metromix hired me to come paint at their booth. Here are some nuggets from the Felini-esque experience.

Here's a view of the crowd from out booth.

I LOVE the shot with the snake guy. The story with that shot is I was sitting there painting when a guy came up and was talking to Aric, the other guy in the booth with me. I had my back to them, but I could hear them talking. After the guy had been there for longer than usual (it was in the morning when things were slower) I figured I should turn around and say hi. When I turned around I saw his snake and I said "Heyyy! This whole time you had a snake!?" He was a super cool guy. Laid back. He said "Yeah man." I wish I remembered the snake's name, but it was something like Bozo or something. Anyway, I asked if I could take his picture and without hesitation he said "Sure man.", like he's used to it. I turned around and got my camera and when I turned back around I saw that guy in the background walking towards us. I was thinking "Wait for it....wait for it" until he came into the frame and click, I got it. It was only later on when I looked at the picture again that I realized that the snake guy has a tattoo on his arm that says "Born to Rock". Gotta love it.

This is the BBQ guy that was stationed directly across from us. It was early on the first day that he broke out the megaphone and started yelling "BARRRR BEEEEE QUEEEEEE! Get your BBQ! Chicken wings! AIN'T NOTHIN BUT A CHICKEN WAAAAAAAANG!". Just as Aric and I were realising that we were going to have to listen to this guy the whole two days we were there, he approaches our booth, megaphone in hand. He spun the prize wheel and won a flask, announced it to the world , and then went back to hawking his body parts. He was a nice enough guy and ended up giving Aric some free ribs at the end of the event. The Pork Chop piece below was painted in response to his effect on me.

I was given this hat at a Warner Chappel company picnic just days before. It ended up really coming in handy.Possible Tshirt in the future?....

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