Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Max Neutra Unleashed and Wisdom show reviews

Ahhhhh yes, I can finally catch my breath. Unleashed at the Bailey Gallery drew a nice crowd during the LA downtown Artwalk. A lot of people came out to support, and I met a bunch of new friends. We sold 9 pieces during opening night! Many thanks Rob and Janene from Pussy and Pooch for a wonderful show! I will be there again on July 10th for the downtown artwalk doing some live painting just outside the store.

Here's the artist statement for the show:

This show is a celebration of the many forms of life that continue to live and evolve on this planet. With the growing reality of global warming, we are being reminded that we do not live in a stagnate environment. The world is constantly changing. It used to be a lot different from the way it is now, and it will continue to evolve. With the realization that things will change, perhaps we will learn to better appreciate what we have.

I hope these paintings serve as a reminder of the beauty and perfection of nature and compel you to take action for yourselves and the planet at large. Look up from your screens to lock eyes with an organic living creature and reflect its boundless beauty by being an organic living creature yourself. Unleash yourself. You are alive!

This is right before the giraffe ate my tie.
(Photo by: Dave Bullock / eecue http://davebullock.com)

Enjoying some wine with good company.

Some lovely ladies ...

Frida the cat liked the turtle.

Later last month Wisdom opened at Solid Gallery One. It was during a heat wave, but people still managed to make it out. We managed to survive the heat and enjoy the artwork. Ended up selling 7 pieces that night! Thank you to Jarrett and Wendy from Solid for a great event, and good luck with their new location on Fairfax!

Here's the artist statement for the show:

I was born on Venice Beach, but I grew up in Santa Fe, NM. During a visit last year, I found myself inspired by a lot of the Native American artwork that I used to take for granted. Once I started researching the subject, my interest quickly picked up momentum and I decided to work on a series. Looking up old photographs of Native Americans for reference material, it did not take long for me to fall in love with the potency of the images. The rich culture and tradition. The simple beauty of feathers and bone. The suffering and loss. The wisdom written into the faces of these great chiefs. The photographs seem to rattle with pride. All of this captured within a simple portrait.

How is it possible that during my time growing up in Santa Fe, I seemed to miss the true underlying value of all that work? What has changed that is allowing me to finally recognize that value? Perhaps it is my age that has finally opened up my ability to appreciate these things. I was much younger when I lived in Santa Fe. I had not spent much time fending for myself. Now, I have spent the last ten years getting an education, moving to new cities, chasing new dreams, reaching new heights, suffering new pains, and ultimately finding my own way in the wilderness of the world. I have been learning the language of defeat, triumph, and self preservation, and now I am beginning to be able to read the vast scriptures written in the faces of these great people.

For this show I wanted to capture that language and portray the weight it seems to bare while also keeping the images out in front, unwilling to back down, the same way the original subjects sat with pride, eyes set on the lens. Heavy with history. Wisdom unflinching.

Me and my goofy smile.

Good peeps checking out the Native Americans.

"It does not require many words to speak the truth." - Chief Joseph