Monday, April 28, 2008

Fun at The Derby

We had a great time at The Derby last month. Many different kinds of artists and bands performing, and The Derby is a cool spot. Many thanks to Ivy Love from Code Carnivals for putting on the show and to Kasondra Komadina for the bitchin' photographs.

Sexy models getting a new coat of paint.

This is a painting that one of the artists, Jamie Kivisto, was working on. It's hard to see in the photo, but those are pieces of sushi, with human body parts in them. Tre cool.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hive Anniversary Show

I have a piece up in this show...

April 3 year Anniversary " Hive Avatar show - The Denizens of Hiveland"

Saturday, April 5th- 8PM-1AM

$8 at door, all ages

729 S. Spring St. LA, CA 90014

Featured Artist 1: Ken Garduno

Featured Artist 2: Michelle "Mia" Araujo

Tall Wall Artist: Joshua Clay

Small Wall Artist: Naomi Nowak

Installation Artist: Dan Bigelow

Out of State Artists:

Jason Limon- San Antonio, TX

Augie Pagan- Seattle, WA

Sandi Calistro- Denver, CO

Chris Lyles- NY, NY

Downtimer- SF, CA

Billy Dyson- Seattle, WA

John Lytle Wilson- OR, FLA

Mike Lewis- Ashland, NH

Thylacine Graphics- Forest City, CA

Chad le Duc- Victoria, BC

Jason Snyder

Joe Scarano

Hive Avatar Artists :

(over 100 artists present their avatars in "Hiveland" for a book, " A Field

Guide to the Denizens of Hiveland" to be published in June 2008)

Ichae Ackso / Michelle Mia Araujo / Mike Bilz / Catherine Brooks / Josh Clay

Terri Woodward / Alex Feliciano / Ted Von Heiland / Jessica Valencia /
Henry Cram / Randy Kono / Justin Odaffer / Kio Griffith / Ken Dougherty /Hembert Guardado / Chase Osborne / Ver Mar / Macsorro / Miss Mindy / CJ

Metzger / Kristian Olson / Brendan Sharkey / Nicole Filiatrault /

Geoffrey Tjakra / Ching Ching Cheng / Billy Dyson / Elbee / Veronica

Agostini / Jason Hernandez / Emilio / Jessica Valencia / Melanie Waldman /

TerriWoodward / Chet Zar / Thom Gastelum / Radhika Hersey / N.C. Winters

Chris Donham / James Malone / Dion Macellari / Yuki Miyazaki / Emi Motokawa

/ Neil Poyuzina / Steven Satler / Vincent Madrid / Shay / Douglas Alvarez

/ Courtney Oquist / Jimmy Bleyer / Mickey Me /Zombienose / Monica Martinez

/ Nicole Bruckman / Miss Withers / Michele Waterman / Saul "Boxx" Gonzalez

/ Michael Alvarez / Amy Shawley / Carmen Luceno / Delphia / Vague /

Matjames Metson / Kenji Tanaka / Nate Seubert / Paul Torres / Carol Powell

/ Jophen Stein / Heidi Calvert / Patrick Haemmerlein / Airom Bleicher /

Mary Spring / Lindsay Riley / Justin McInteer / Orion / Aglaia Mortcheva /

Haubs / Erick Rodriguez / Alexander Schaefer / Melissa Moss / LD Grant /

Ken Garduno / Zoso / Walt Hall / Max Grundy / Greg Gould / Carla Tome /

Arthur Tien / Michael Nikolas / Craig Cartwright / Nikki Nash / Adriana

Garibay / Tony Koehl / Sara Hedstrom / Paul Whitehead / Armik / Annie

Terrazzo / Preston Thomas / Snow Mack /Jon Measures / Jenna Colby / Martin

Hsu /Overton Loyd / Chris Tezber / Chrystal Chan / Darryl Blood/ Dustin

Myers / Peter Romberg / Dena Massenburg / Max Neutra / Terry Kim / NC

Winters / Andy Haynes / Elizabeth Lopez / Samitra Borhanpour / Vladimir

Sierra / Justin Barry / Melody Severns / Amanda Byrnes / Ashley Bamburg /

Shannon O'Connor / Nancy Lai / Danni Luo / Nicole Filiatrault/ Vague /

Shawn A.K.O. Whisenant / Melissa Nerell and more!!


Alyce Harlequin (

DJ Righteous James (

DJ Kronick ( Birthday Night for DJ Kronick!!



Gonzo Jonez (

graffiti61 (


Lowlylisa & The Rollie Pollies (

The Hive Gallery DVD Premiere: "Royal Jelly" to be released and sold in The Hive Store

Live Alley Painting: Alex Feliciano

Live VJ/ Live Video Feed: Mark Mulhall

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fun at Intergalactic

We had a great time at Intergalactic at The Mountain Bar last month. Here's a pic of my most popular piece from the night (I had 4 offers on this thing, I guess feather headed elephant snakes are in). Also included is a picture of artist Aida Robles. She brought this gigantic piece of wood and got to work. She does amazing pencil portraits. Check out her website at

Many thanks to Elle 7 for putting the show together!