Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Work In Show

I have a piece up in the Skulls And Banners show at Solid Gallery One this weekend. What is it about skulls that's so fascinating? I feel like they are unsung heroes, providing the foundation on and in which we rest nearly all our senses and the tool we use to interpret and process them. How pretty would your girlfriend be if she had no skull to hold her eyes in place? What would it be like kissing her mouth, a hole in a skin bag?...

I'll be there kicking it with Jarrett and the gang. Stop by and check it out! Here's all the info:


show runs Feb. 23rd thru Mar. 23rd, 2008:

"Skulls & Banners: Group Show" The art of Death & Messages

If you've never wanted to kill, you've never been in love! This Post-Valentine's Day show features the art of death and messages from an array of artists and mediums. Please join us for the opening reception on Feb. 23rd, 8-11PM!


13:11, Max Neutra, Skullphone,
Douglas Alvarez, Tooter, Matt Lentz,
Axis, Scott Glazier, Sagent Staygold,
Salem 632, Gordo, Shannon Drake,
Jarrett DeMartino, Miss Wendy,
and more.

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